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Golfshake Scoretracker Challenges – a big hit with UK golfers

3.16pm 6th September 2017 - Media

Following a record breaking month in July, Golfshake has further highlighted the unique reach of its popular Scoretracker with the success of four engaging challenges that have been run in partnership with brands throughout 2017. On average over 300,000 golfers have been reached with each individual challenge.

These challenges engage the large audience of committed golfers that Golfshake boasts and reaches them across several platforms. The Scoretracker – in which thousands of golfers track their stats and handicaps – is at the forefront of each challenge, but social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – are also key bridges between the challenge and users, as are the weekly email newsletters that come together and reach the greatest possible number of golfers.

During these month-long campaigns, regular golfers are challenged by Golfshake and a partner brand to improve a specific aspect of their game: (to make more nett birdies, hit more fairways, hit more greens in regulations etc).

This year, four campaigns have been run to date – Winter Birdie Blitz in association with Mauritius and; Fairway Finders in association with COBRA; Own The Approach in association with TaylorMade; and most recently; Summer Birdie Blitz in association with Italy Golf & More. Two additional challenges are coming soon, in partnership with Galvin Green and Srixon/Cleveland respectively.

The marketing of each challenge is supplemented by social media hashtags that encourage user generated content – #OWNTHEAPPROACH #FAIRWAYFINDERS – and through a dedicated mini-site and banner signposting. Challenges are made more engaging and appealing through the addition of co-branded tuition videos and tips, shot with ambassadors and professional golfers, with the key partner brand gaining specific traction via the mini-site to their own products and services.

The number of golfers that are reached by a Golfshake/co-partner challenge has been significant during 2017. Looking at the average figures per challenge, over 200,000 unique UK golfers have connected with each challenge on the website during the month, with more than 300,000 individuals being reached across Golfshake’s multiple channels. Focusing specifically on the Golfshake Scoretracker, where a growth of rounds tracked of over 40% year on year has been recorded. Typically 25% of rounds being tracked on the site are embellished with advanced stats.

During a challenge, through the combined use of onsite signposting, e-marketing and social media, Golfshake produces well over 900,000 individual pieces of messaging to raise awareness amongst golfers and connect with the highest possible number of potential participants. Additionally partners are supported with brand messaging that is ingrained into creative used to promote the challenge.

Further support for the challenge arrives in the form of  videos – usually game improvement related – which have consistently gathered between 20,000 and 30,000 views over the course of the specific month.

Assessing the overall success of this year’s campaigns has been simple to determine with the dramatic shifts in user engagement that they have generated. Since launching in 2016, the Golfshake Apps have now recorded 40,000 downloads, with sign-ups to the website having increased by an astonishing 70% year-on-year. Likewise, rounds tracked on the system have enjoyed a huge increase, up 40% on the 12 months leading up to a record-breaking July for Golfshake.

With two more campaigns in the pipeline between now and the year end, that trend of growth is set to continue, as Golfshake seeks to deliver an engaging service and challenge to a wide base of UK golfers, serving as an additional bridge between partner brands to a dedicated audience, encouraging regular golfers to Play More and Play Better.


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