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GolfPyramid supports Swedish national golf team

8.05am 15th August 2011 - Media

The Swedish Golf Federation and Swedish National Golf Teams are using the leading web portal,, to support coaches and promising golfers aiming toward the Olympics and careers in professional golf.

The site provides a cutting edge sport scientific database and structure for communication, analysis, goal setting, training and tournament planning.

John Hellstrom, CEO for GolfPyramid, says: “The future of elite golf is evolving. Experts need to communicate and cooperate, to make the athletes reach their full potential.

“Furthermore, areas such as game statistics, technique, fitness, psychology and equipment needs to be considered together. GolfPyramid provides a whole-in-one for ambitious federations, academies, and individual coaches and players.”

GolfPyramid is used in over ten countries on five continents. contains a whole-in-one toolbox for game statistics, technique, fitness, psychology and equipment. With a strong base in sport science, this site enables players and experts to work together toward lower scores in a unique and effective way.

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