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Counterfeiting Crackdown

12.35am 13th April 2012 - Management Topics

The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group announced today that the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has issued a preliminary injunction shutting down over 175  websites engaged in the sale of counterfeit golf products.   The order marks one of the Golf Group’s most significant achievements in the fight against counterfeit golf merchandise sold via the Internet. Fresh on the heels of the Golf Group’s report in January of the successful disabling of over 60 counterfeit websites, today’s news further illustrates the Golf Group’s commitment to protecting consumers from unknowingly purchasing fake golf equipment.

The lawsuit involves over 130 separate defendants operating more than 175 websites.  The counterfeit golf merchandise previously featured on the subject websites included clubs, balls and accessories and visitors to these sites will now be redirected to a website displaying information regarding the preliminary injunction and other details of the legal action that is being taken.

“Over the last decade, we’ve seen a significant increase in counterfeiters using the internet as a tool to dupe consumers,” said Christa McNamara, Director of Corporate Communications for TaylorMade-adidas Golf.  “We’ve shut down a significant number of websites with this recent joint action, and it gives us momentum in our efforts moving forward.”

“We understand that as long as there are people buying counterfeit clubs, there will be counterfeiters out there to make them,” said Jud Hawken, Associate General Counsel forPING.  “That’s why education about counterfeit equipment is so important. Hopefully, future visitors to these websites will see that they’ve been shut down and realize that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Both within the U.S.and abroad, the Golf Group has focused heavily on education and enforcement and is dedicatedtocurbing the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit golf products.  The Golf Group has worked on educating its consumers on how to spot and avoid fake golf products through its own website,

The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Group was formed in 2004 to fight counterfeiters and protect its consumers from inadvertently purchasing fake goods. The Golf Group’s efforts have resulted in dozens of successful raids carried out by Chinese law enforcement and civil enforcement authorities.


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