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10.32am 19th April 2013 - Management Topics

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Whatever next? 14 year olds playing in the Masters, who would have thought it? Junior golf has come a long way in the past decade, writes David Gosling, with massive improvements in equipment and increasing opportunities to play and sample the game through the annual initiatives that come along.

Bitesize Poster_01_sandshot_A3_preview_600pxThere is a massive market and business opportunity that often lies untapped as potential lifelong consumers and participants are allowed to slip through the golfing net after being excited about the prospect of becoming a golfer. Year after year, tens of thousands of youngsters are introduced to the game, but history and research shows there are issues with retention and transition to the club and course.

 Coaching young players and developing the game can have a significant positive impact on your business and the golf industry in general, but for many coaches it can be a daunting prospect. It could even  be considered to be the hardest form of coaching.

 With structured lesson plans, tips and tricks and superb resources, Bitesize Golf can help and support you and your team to create a strong, sustainable and profitable junior academy. It can take you into your local community to promote and recruit new players using soft golf equipment, establishing a revenue stream that continues through the long winter months and ensuring a continual stream of ‘ravenous consumers’.

 Bitesize Golf addresses these and offers a complete business solution for individual golf coaches and Federations by providing training, marketing and a structured curriculum which ensures much higher pull-through from local communities to the golf facilities. Bitesize Golf is the common link that new pupils follow from the school fields to the fairways.

 As this year’s golfing season get underway, the time is perfect for introducing a new generation to the game, bringing new consumers, new pupils and creating a junior golf academy that will increase sales and memberships.

Visit for details on how to register for free and much more detail on this amazing opportunity.

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