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Registration for the Asia Pacific Golf Summit is now open

9.14am 5th May 2016 - Exhibitions & Conferences

APGS graphicThe 2016 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2016) has assembled a truly high-powered and world-class panel of speakers who are known to speak without fear or favour.

Leading the power-hitters is the Asia Pacific’s “Most Powerful Golf Industry Entrepreneur” and the owner of the world’s largest and most successful golf resort, Dr. Ken Chu, the billionaire Chairman of the Mission Hills Group in China. A proven visionary and out-of-the-box thinker Dr. Chu will set the tone at APGS 2016 on how he has led Mission Hills to become a global player in golf by attracting more than 6 million tourists and turning over 1 million rounds of golf in a year. He knows it all and Dr. Chu is eager to share his brilliant ideas with the rest of Asia.

Marketing and the provision of sustained, quality service are two major cornerstones of the club industry in Asia. Very few golf clubs have marketing programmes, let alone marketing budgets. This has got to change and APGS 2016 has engaged the club industry’s most respected guru to speak and provide the pathways on how club’s in Asia can develop, create and launch their own marketing programmes. There is no one better qualified than Andrew Wood, founder and president of Legendary Marketing LLC, a world-class group that has helped thousands of golf clubs in North America and Europe to turn around the fortune of flagging clubs. He is the wizard with all the tricks to make things work!

Service is vital to the well-being of the club industry. After all, clubs are in the entertainment industry and keeping members and guests satisfied and attended to, is paramount. Just service alone is not enough. What is needed is the creation of an enduring service attitude and culture that is engrained into the DNA of a club. It has to be service that is special and that shouts out loud that “membership has its privileges”. APGS 2016 has secured the services of a two-time EMMY Award winning actor and communicator and genius in the delivery of service to infuse a whole new service culture in Asia. He is the highly sought after David Webster, master trainer to some of the world’s largest corporations.  David will not only share his thoughts on what is quality service but help demonstrate how it is taught and delivered to a club’s personnel. A true spell-binder!

Finally, APGS 2016 will look at what is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by clubs in Asia – attracting and keeping “Millennials” to golf clubs. As an industry, most everyone is at a loss as to how to rope in these youngsters to help grow dwindling membership registers. It’s a massive challenge – massive enough to recruit a “Millennial Master” to help make golf clubs appealing to younger demographics. He is award-winning speaker and author Gabriel Aluisy, an internationally recognized expert on marketing to millennials. He understands millennials and he knows how to handle and manage the seismic demographic shifts and show the industry how to reach out to new demographics.

Registration is now open for APGS 2016 – The Hyatt Regency Hotel – Hua Hin – October 29 & 30, 2016.

APGS 2016

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