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2.52pm 31st March 2016 - Courses

The narrowest fairway in the world
The narrowest fairway in the world

The world’s narrowest fairway has been built by a golf club in Latvia.

Typical PGA Tour fairways measure 30 to 32 yards wide on average, but this par-4 cuts a narrow path through a forest of pine trees leaving a gap of only 5 yards.

The hole was conceived after a drop in local membership, so the club took the decision to create a hole that would attract visitors from Latvia’s Baltic neighbours Estonia and Lithuania.

Irish club professional Joe Kerr said: “As well as attracting new players we thought this could be another revenue stream for the club, because there will be so many lost balls we can use them for our range or sell them on eBay.”

So far the reaction has been largely positive, especially with the younger generation who see reaching the green-in-one as a challenge. However a local club member (who asked not to be named) was less enthusiastic saying “I’ve only played this hole twice and I’ve already lost 13 balls”.

Words and picture courtesy of Harris Kalinka



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