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Power Tee Creates a Buzz at Bumble Bee Hollow

2.21am 24th May 2017 - Courses - This story was updated on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Power Tee, the World Leader in Golf Range Automation, has recently installed their automated teeing system at Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center in Harrisburg PA and the customers are loving the improvements to their practice sessions.

Endorsed by PA born golfing legend and 2018 Ryder Cup Captain, Jim Furyk, Power Tee is also available at 4 Ryder Cup destinations including Le Golf National, the 2018 location.

Bumble Bee Hollow’s Driving Range has consistently been named as among the 100 Best Ranges in the United States by the Golf Range Association of America.

The Driving Range at Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center is the largest practice facility of its kind in Central Pennsylvania. With 32 ground-level hitting stalls, as well as 25 more on the upper deck, the facility is able to remain open year ‘round and in all types of weather.

According to Bumble Bee’s co-owner, Jeremy Ellis, “We always strive to make Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center an inviting, all-inclusive family destination. When we saw Power Tee and learned about its benefits for all levels of golfers, we knew it would be a great addition to our facility. Beginning golfers, juniors and seniors all love the automatic teeing it offers, allowing a more efficient and FUN practice experience.  For our lower handicap golfers, it allows practice drills which are not possible on grass or ordinary mats, making for more productive practice.”

“We were confident that the customers at Bumble Bee Hollow would love the Power Tee hitting stations.  Power Tee is so much more than just a back-saver.  When practicing on Power Tee, it allows all external factors to remain consistent.  The ball is automatically teed up at exactly the same height in exactly the same place.  Any changes to resultant ball flight are due solely to the golfer and changes in their swing.  This allows for an enhanced, much more productive practice experience and much more fun,” said Martin Wyeth, CEO of Power Tee.

The Power Tee automated teeing system elevates any and all practice facilities as it combines the finest synthetic hitting mats which prevent wrist jarring with a teeing system offering multiple tee heights which not only improves a golfer’s swing but transforms an already great driving range into an extraordinary driving range.

“Our customers are loving the Power Tees.  If you have not tried them yet, come on down and have a try.  Bring your family with you, we have rental clubs for all sizes, so whether you are a golfer or not, we can guarantee a fun experience,” said Brandon Rogers, CEO of Bumble Bee Hollow.

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