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Golfpark Oberkirch – 73% say ‘Ja!’

4.18pm 16th June 2017 - Courses

Golfpark Oberkirch

This is the result of the recent Municipal Vote which has given the go-ahead for the Migros and Golfpark Oberkirch to extend an existing short course from 6 to 9 holes. The Municipality of Oberkirch voted in favour of re-zoning an adjacent 6.3-hectare parcel of land from agriculture to sport & leisure. In so doing the Municipality gave the green light for constructing 3 new holes at this popular Migros course established in 2007.

“This re-zoning success is rare but encouraging for the future of golf in Switzerland”, says Erich Steiner, Golf Course Architect.

In the last 20 years, the Migros (one of the original supermarket chains in Switzerland) has built 8 different public golf facilities across the country, offering a variety of golfing experiences ranging from P&P to full 18-hole courses. This small extension at GP Oberkirch is, for the Migros, just one more step towards creating a “Gateway to Golf” for everyone to learn and play the game under their motto “Golf for everyone”.

It is perhaps this focus on public golf and concern for the environment which has won over public opinion and permitted this extension. Because it should be said that within these “Golfparks”, the Migros maintains over 180 hectares of ecologically valuable landscape. They also look after a number of neighbouring parks with the goal of promoting multi-functional golf and recreational areas. Most of these facilities are also getting “OnCourse” for obtaining the GEO Eco-label in order to improve management and act as leaders of sustainability in their communities.

Public golf and environmental responsibility. A great recipe for growing the game in Switzerland.

Golf Park Migros

Steiner & Partner


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