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GKB Sandfiller for Moor Allerton GC

8.32am 24th August 2017 - Courses

Keeping the golf course in prime condition year-round is always a challenge. Scarifying and sand filling are the perfect combination for improving and maintaining a good drainage system, a factor Moor Allerton Golf Club, near Wike in North Leeds, readily took into consideration when ordering a GKB SandFiller.

Adam Matthews, Moore Allerton’s Course Manager

With a stated objective of providing a golfing experience second to none in the county of Yorkshire, this friendly club blends beautifully with the Yorkshire countryside and many famous players have walked its fairways. What was a key factor for the club in choosing the GKB SandFiller was the speed with which it operates, combining scarifying, removal and sand filling in one machine. Consequently, it only needs one person to carry out the work and large areas can be covered in much less time.

“The GKB SandFiller has allowed us to efficiently perform an intensive renovation procedure in half the time, and with less staff, but more importantly without compromising the result,” says Adam Matthews, Moore Allerton’s Course Manager. “The fact the machine can be used as a stand-alone scarifier, as well as a sand filler was a big factor in us deciding to purchase one. The SandFiller has now become a vital piece of equipment in helping us reduce and maintain organic matter levels.”

The SandFiller works on much the same principle as GKB’s proven Combinator, with a slitting rotor using carbide scarifying blades and the blade attachment creating wind in order to lift the removed material. The blades remove thatch down to a 4cm depth and the material is distributed to a sideways tipping container, removing as well the need to brush and dispose of the material.

The sand hopper is then filled with dried sand which is immediately applied after the area has been scarified, by means of a broad, hydraulically powered sand conveyer belt and stainless steel sand fill unit. With the scarified areas immediately filled the upper layer can remain stable and well-drained. The speed of the operation means the fairways and greens can be brought very quickly back into play. With 27 holes on 220 acres of undulating Yorkshire landscape to maintain, that is naturally a major consideration for Moor Allerton Golf Club.


Moor Allerton Golf Club

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