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1.00pm 9th December 2016 - Courses

Mill Creek, designed by Ross McMurray of European Golf Design
Mill Creek, designed by Ross McMurray of European Golf Design

Mill Creek is perhaps one of the most unique golf courses in the world and Braemar Golf are very proud to have been part of the team who created it. The golf course is part of a residential and leisure development in St Petersburg, Russian Federation. Started in 2014, construction work has been completed and is now growing in for play in 2017.

Braemar were tasked to manage the construction of the Mill Creek Golf Course on behalf of the client and to provide all shaping works.

Braemar installed a highly experienced full time “Construction Manager” on site to manage the work of the earthworks contractor, golf course contractor, client survey team and coordinate the Braemar Shapers, whilst acting as the eyes and ears of the architect, Ross McMurray, of European Golf Design. Braemar also sourced world class shapers and supplied to meet the programme requirements over the construction period.

In addition, Braemar provided contract administration advice and support to the client’s Project Director, for areas such as

Built on a flat clearing surrounded by pine forests, the site had huge sandy deposits which were excavated to create 3 lakes totalling 55 hectares. Over 3 million cubic metres of earth were excavated, with 1.2 million cubic metres of the best materials being used to create and shape the golf course.

European Golf Design have created an outstanding golf course to meet the unique and brilliant concepts stipulated by the client. Ross McMurray was not only given the task to design a golf course which would be of the highest international standards, but meet the additional brief stipulated by the client:

Working under the leadership of Denis Kotov, the client’s project Director, Ross, Bobby Kirkwood (Braemar Construction Manager) and the team of Braemar Shapers worked closely to deliver the criteria whilst creating a quality landscape and golf experience – the results are outstanding.

Please click the video image below to see the results at the end of the 2016 season.

Working in conjunction with Sodiestvie (Lake Excavations) and ENGO (drainage, irrigation, feature construction, finishing and seeding), the whole project has come together on budget and on time, even working through the winters to make this happen.

The results of the team effort are stunning and arguably unique with the 2 golf courses in 18 holes, ability to be played backwards and “Kaleidoscope” golf concept.

Project Team:

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