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World of Golf London enjoys further success with Power Tee®

3.03pm 25th April 2018 - Corporate

This year World of Golf upgraded for the third time to the latest Power Tee® version, enhancing their range and their customers’ experience further. Now Europe’s busiest driving range, World of Golf has increased their ball turnover from an impressive 10 million balls hit per year to a mind-blowing 17 million balls per year.

How have they done this?

Well apart from the obvious dedication and progressive thinking of Grant Wright and staff, they have put Power Tee® at the core of their business, with the revenue generated by the Power Tees® enabling the other investments.

See what Grant Wright, the Chief Executive at World of Golf London, has to say in the video above.

Why is Power Tee® so successful for driving ranges?

The average ball turnover increase is between 20% – 40% with ranges enjoying up to 65% increases. This increase in ball turnover not only guarantees an increase in revenue but also gives the facility added value whilst increasing footfall and enticing a different demographic.

Power Tee® has been the major differentiator for 22 years. Our consistency is mirrored by the golfers that practice from the repeatable environment that we give them. Consistency is key to better golf and more enjoyment.

World of Golf London has grown as a business and a facility over the years

The whole facility is geared up for volume, quality, exceptional service and customer engagement. Customers are traveling far and wide to enjoy all of the different aspects World of Golf has to offer.

World of Golf has 58 commercial bays within their two-tier driving range, with 58 Power Tees®, making it the second largest Power Tee® site in the world, just surpassed last month by a 62 bay Power Tee® install in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

World of Golf also has Toptracer in every bay, a huge American Golf shop, Costa Coffee and a fantastic Dinosaur Adventure Golf. It is a great place for golfers, non-golfers, families and casual browsers. It really does cater for everyone and all ages.

Power Tee® is an internationally patented automatic teeing system that makes practicing golf more efficient, effective and fun. Created by Martin Wyeth and endorsed by Jim Furyk, the system operates in 18 countries and can be found at many of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs such as St. Andrews, the Belfry, Dromoland Castle and Le Golf National – hosts of the 2018 Ryder Cup.

Power Tee® tees up more than six million balls a day and assists golfers of all ages and skill levels in improving their swing through repetition and rhythm in a consistent setting.

Contacts:       +1 (877) 769-3781 +44 (1793) 822566

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