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TV documentary re-scheduled for 20th November

8.37am 14th November 2008 - Corporate

‘How do they make a golf course?‘ was commissioned by WAG-TV as part of its How do they do it? series. Filming took place at Rockliffe Hall near Darlington when MJ Abbott was nearing completion of construction work on one of the longest and most challenging courses to be built in the UK in the last ten years.

MJ Abbott’s staff were joined on-site for filming by the course architect, Marc Westenborg from Hawtree Ltd of Woodstock

Natalia Dannenberg, assistant producer of the programme explained why they’d chosen to look at golf course construction.

“We have a few keen golfers on our production team and our executive producer suggested the title. Our researcher began to look for construction projects in the UK and contacted the British Association of Golf Course Constructors. From that contact, MJ Abbott sent us some information about the Rockliffe Hall development.

“It was a superb location which suited us perfectly as we were looking for a project where we could film different stages of the construction process. We were all really surprised at how many different grass types were used and were particularly intrigued by the trenching machine used for the drainage. It’s a really unusual piece of kit! We want to say a huge thank you to MJ Abbott’s staff for taking part in the show. We really enjoyed working with them.”

MJ Abbott’s contracts director Nigel Wyatt said that having the opportunity to showcase the sports turf construction industry to the general public was a fantastic opportunity.

“We were honoured to take part in filming and delighted that the production company chose Rockliffe Hall as a venue. I hope the programme gives viewers, especially golfers, an insight into the complex design, construction and maintenance involved in the creation of each golf course and the amount of knowledge, expertise and hard work that it takes to ensure that UK golf courses are among the best in the world.”

The episode of ‘How do they do it?’ featuring ‘How do they make a golf course?’ will be broadcasted at 7.30pm on Thursday 20th November on Channel 5 and later in the year on the Discovery Channel.

It will be possible to watch the programme on the Channel FIVE website at following its transmission.

MJ Abbott
British Association of Golf Course Constructors

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