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TaylorMade Irons Take Top Spot At American Golf’s ‘Battle Of The Brands’

2.58pm 18th March 2019 - Corporate

In the latest instalment of American Golf’s ‘Battle of the Brands’ challenge, TaylorMade’s M5/M6 irons topped the charts with an average distance gain of 10.2 yards when pitted against the leading brands’ in the game by hundreds of American Golf customers.

American Golf customers were invited to test their current 7-iron against TaylorMade M5/M6, Callaway Apex, Wilson D7, Cobra F9 and Ping G410 irons. With nearly 400 testers taking part, the results were taken from a wide sample of golfers and showed that the TaylorMade’s newest irons led the field narrowly with 10.2 yards from the Cobra F9 with a 9.1 yard average.

Wilson’s D7 irons recorded the longest single hit of the test, with a customer hitting a 7-iron 225 yards

There were significant gains across the board, with every brand showing an average distance increase of over seven yards. There were also standout performances from the Cobra F9, with a biggest single increase of 67 yards, while the Wilson D7 registered a monster 225-yard 7 iron for the biggest hit on the test, closely followed by a mammoth 217-yard strike from the Ping G410. The overall winner of the competition also registered his biggest increase with the D7 irons and now takes home a full set, custom fit at American Golf.

Conrad Edkins, Director of Marketing at American Golf, was delighted with the results that followed on the back of the Battle of the Brands Driver test. He commented: ”The results across the board for the clubs on test were hugely impressive, and really do show that if you get the right club for your game then the opportunities for improvement are huge. With this test and the driver test customers have really enjoyed understanding what works for them and their swing. There’s so much great technology out there at the moment and whether it’s through Battle of the Brands, or just coming in to try out some clubs, any golfer can find the right club to improve their game.”


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