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SkyCaddie wins gold award in USA

1.09am 15th December 2008 - Corporate

Rating SkyCaddie’s mapping process as ‘unmatched‘, Golf Digest found the SkyCaddie to be the most accurate golf GPS handheld on the market – not surprising, given that each of SkyCaddie’s 21,000 golf courses has been hand-mapped.

That’s 21,000 golf courses walked, on foot, and the perimeter of well over 300,000 greens paced out, step by step, to give golfers IntelliGreen information.

Well over 70,000 miles across the world’s golf courses have been walked by SkyCaddie mappers to bring golfers unrivalled yardage accuracy. Over 11,000 miles of golf courses have been walked in the UK alone, with 95% of the country’s golf courses now mapped.

Golf courses are re-mapped after any remodelling. If a course adds a new bunker, for example, SkyCaddie arrives shortly afterwards to re-walk the hole. Golfers can instantly download the new yardage data.


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