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Paul Gibbons takes stake in a new digital service Nearest2thePin

1.06am 25th January 2013 - Corporate

Paul Gibbons, Chairman of Leaderboard Golf
Paul Gibbons, Chairman of Leaderboard Golf

Paul Gibbons, Chairman of Leaderboard Golf ( and co-founder of Auto Trader Magazine, has taken a worldwide exclusive right and licence to promote and use the Nearest2thePin ( App and Website for a period of 15 years.

Following the launch of Gibbons’ own online tee time selling service, Leaderboard Tee Times, Leaderboard is delighted to introduce this innovative online service to its users. Nearest2thePin is a free web-based platform that aims to connect golfers with other golfers, whether at home or abroad, in order to match players up according to location. Using the challenge system, individuals can invite other golfers to play a round, or simply use the messaging system to arrange a time and place to meet.

Nearest2thePin founder, Jay Pidgeon, comments: “As someone who travels extensively for business, I grew tired of sitting in a hotel room when I could have been out on a course. Our goal with Nearest2thePin is to help golfers find other golfers, anytime, anywhere. Equally, by linking this service with Leaderboard Tee Times, players across the UK can make the most of exceptional deals, whether looking to try a new club or just complete a four ball.”

This innovative service can be accessed through Leaderboard Tee Times as a fully integrated function of the site. Each individual club’s page listing shows available tee times, and an embedded Nearest2thePin map of the area shows all registered members in the vicinity. Nearest2thePin works in real-time, allowing members to post their location and availability, making it useful for both last-minute games or for planning in advance, as well as providing a quick and simple way to contact new players.

Nearest2thePin website Once registered, each user creates an optional profile with their home location, handicap, golfing achievements and their club membership if applicable. This allows other members to find players in their area and judge their suitability for a round. Golfers can also visit the service online via and through an app available on iTunes.

Paul Gibbons, Chairman of Leaderboard Golf notes: “We are very excited about working with Nearest2thePin and are pleased to offer this innovative tool to all of our members, which we hope will enhance their experience of Leaderboard Tee Times by connecting players all over the country.”

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