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12.15am 1st October 2007 - Corporate

DewCure is a new liquid surfactant specifically designed to suppress dew formation over an extended period. During extensive, three-year trials in both the UK and America DewCure’s dew inhibiting formulation was found to be impressively effective and long lasting.

“Although the longevity of the product depends on many factors including climate, soil type and maintenance practices, in some cases it can last as long as 10-14 days,” says sales director Andy Russell. “Even in the short term, an application of DewCure the day before an important event will prevent the build-up of dew on grass surfaces.”

This is particularly important on fine turf areas where grass canopy heights are low and early morning dew vastly increases canopy moisture. This situation coupled with a cool outside temperature creates the perfect below canopy environment for many fungal diseases, and dew suppression can play an important part in maintaining a healthy sward.

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