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Inrange Golf and Range Servant International Form New Partnership

11.47pm 13th February 2020 - Corporate

Driving ranges around the globe can now transform their players’ range experience with a complete range technology and gamification solution thanks to the new partnership between Inrange Golf and Range Servant International.

For the first time, range owners have access to a full turnkey ball tracking and range equipment solution combining pinpoint-accurate radar tracking and interactive in-bay multiplayer virtual golf games with a seamless experience from ball dispensing through to automatic ball teeing. This will enable ranges to better serve their existing customer base of keen golfers while attracting an entirely new entertainment-oriented player demographic.

For range owners the partnership will simplify and streamline acquiring the technology needed to modernise and enhance their ranges, tapping into audiences that are brand new to the range and to the game of golf. In addition to delivering an engaging, gamified range experience, partnering with Inrange and Range Servant International will ensure seamless installation, operations and local support.

Ranges will now be able to work closely with a single point of contact to fit a complete driving range technology solution encompassing radar ball tracking, entertainment/virtual golf, ball dispensing, cleaning, collection, automatic teeing and more.

According to Range Servant International CEO, Elvis Knez: “Through our partnership with Inrange we’re introducing a technology-driven range experience that will massively boost both player experience and range profitability. Combining forces means that putting essential range infrastructure and a complete tracking and gamification solution in place is easier than ever for range owners. This removes a major headache for our customers who can now focus entirely on delivering an outstanding range experience knowing that a totally integrated and customised solution has been put in place.”

To find out more about how partnering with Inrange and Range Servant International can transform your range, please contact Inrange Golf or Range Servant International AB:

Inrange Golf, Nick Longley, Co-Founder, Inrange Golf,

Range Servant International, Daniel Steen, Head of Sales,

Inrange Golf

Range Servant

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