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Honma Showroom Opens at St Andrews Golf Company

11.39am 19th June 2014 - Corporate

Honma_StAndrews_GolfCompany_June2014_01_press_72dpiScotland’s oldest clubmaker has opened a Honma showroom at its store in St Andrews.

The St Andrews Golf Company will market a full range of the Japanese brand’s golf equipment at its 8 Golf Place store in the historic town, close to The Old Course, and will offer a complete Honma custom fit & assembly service from its nearby Largoward facility.

In the new showroom, golfers will find a display containing Honma’s latest S-03 range of woods and irons, plus the Tour World series of clubs and a selection of Honma bags, wedges and putters.

“Honma and St Andrews Golf Co are a good fit together” said St Andrews Golf Company CEO, Ewan Glen. “We have both been around a very long time – in our case 134 years, in Honma’s 56 years – and we both have a passion for the old and the new.

“Just like Honma, our experts hand-craft golf equipment to exacting standards to ensure that our customers walk away with the absolute best that money can buy. I see a great future for this exciting new partnership”.

“We could not be happier that there is now a significant presence for Honma at the Home of Golf” said the firm’s UK distributor, Vincent Thibault. “Ewan and his team at St Andrews Golf Company are highly impressive, and are world-class when it comes to dealing with golfers who demand the very best.

“Located just a few steps from the final green on the world’s most famous golf course, our new Honma showroom is in the perfect location, and we anticipate great interest in our ultra-high-performance Honma equipment from golfers from all parts of the world, when they make their pilgrimage to St Andrews.

“Of course, the St Andrews Golf Company is also a long-term and highly trusted supplier for many golfers who live in the region, and this is an important new location for Honma in the domestic market too” he said.

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