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Hole-in-One Club Goes Global

9.32am 12th February 2019 - Corporate - This story was updated on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

The UK’s most successful hole-in-one club is dramatically expanding having given away more than £4m in luxury watches in the last four years. New for 2019, The H1 Club is opening up to anyone who has ever had a hole-in-one.

Previously, the online club has only been open to any golfer in the UK whose club uses HowDidiDo – a free-to-use, web-based social network for golfers. Over the past four years the H1 Club has been sponsored by the luxury German brand BOSS Watches who have given a specially-commissioned watch to every golfer in the UK who scored a hole-in-one in an official HowDidiDo club competition – up to a staggering 4,000 watches worth more than £1m-a-year. But there are an estimated 20-25,000 holes in one each year in the UK alone, and well over ten times that number around the globe.

BOSS Watches will continue to gift the watch to those who score an ace in a registered HowDidiDo club competition in the UK, but plans are afoot to expand the number of people eligible. And now all holes-in-one will be eligible to receive a free personalised commemorative certificate and access a range of offers and opportunities, including the right to buy the special commemorative Boss watch – via the new H1 Club website at

But in conjunction with other partners and HowDidiDo, H1 Club is working on ways to gift the watch or other luxury goods to more hole-in-one achievers. H1 Club founder Laurie Milne said the expansion comes after literally hundreds of people asked why they couldn’t become members after nailing a hole-in-one.

Milne said: “We ultimately want to say congratulations to everyone who has ever had a hole-in-one and continue to build the Hugo Boss Watches brand as we have over the past four years. We will now also look to recruit other like-minded partners who want to talk to this very special and unique group of people via the H1 Club which has almost 20,000 active members. There are millions of golfers who would like to be in this club but as we know a hole-in-one is no mean feat – so the club is a little bit of a celebration and commemoration of what for many people is their greatest sporting achievement.”

In addition to opening-up to everyone, H1 Club is creating special events and other special benefits for those who have achieved an ace. So, if you have ever had a hole-in-one go to and register for a free certificate.

And any luxury goods or golf businesses who would like to understand how H1 Club is driving revenues to its partners should get in contact with Pete Richardson via

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