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GOLFBUDDY Announces Golf Buddy America Inc. as Distributor

1.14pm 15th February 2019 - Corporate

Timothy Chae

GOLFBUDDY has announced that its products now are being sold and distributed through Golf Buddy America Inc. (“GBA”), an affiliated but separate entity of Deca International Corp., dba GOLFBUDDY.

“Through this new business development, changes are being made to all sales and customer service operations,” said Timothy Chae, the new CEO of GBA. “These changes will reflect our commitment to enhancing GOLFBUDDY in the global market, continuing its growth as a leading golf merchandiser and expanding upon our increasingly diverse business relationships, including GBA.”

GOLFBUDDY will continue to offer top-of-the-line golf technology products, while GBA will provide tailored services to customers.

Timothy Chae is an accomplished business leader who has driven growth and led with vision and inspiration throughout his career. He joins GBA with a breadth of leadership experience at GolfZon, as well as at various other golf brands.

As CEO of GBA, Chae will align the sales and customer-service operations around the company’s market strategy and new-product growth opportunities. He also will oversee GBA’s brand and reputation in the U.S. golf market as a leading distributor of GOLFBUDDY products and accessories.



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