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Golf at sea

8.30am 8th July 2002 - Corporate

Thousands of United States soldiers have participated in ‘The Golf At Sea’ program initiated by the US Navy and The Eco Golf Company.

“The Golf At Sea Program was initiated by Eco Golf, at no cost to the Navy, in cooperation with the Fleet Recreation Command,” says Dave Stevens of the U.S. Navy. “The USS Bonhomme Richard, The USS Pearl Harbor, The USS Wasp, The USS Trenton, The USS Lake Champlain, The USS Decatur, The USS Raven and The USS Jarrett have all enjoyed hitting golf balls into the sea or a floating targets during breaks.”

“It’s a small way to say `thanks’ to our men and women of the armed forces,” says Todd Baker, president of Eco Golf. “Our soldiers are under tremendous pressure at all times and are out at sea for months without seeing land. We thought the `Golf At Sea Program’ would help relieve stress and at the same time our soldiers would have some fun hitting golf balls.”

Hitting golf balls into the sea was a common practice prior to the MARPOL V regulations came into practice in 1991. These state that no plastic can be disposed of in any ocean anywhere in the world. The new Eco golf balls, however, are not made from plastic and will actually dissolve into fish food within hours. Several major cruise lines, such as “The World by Residence Sea” enjoy the practice of a full-shot driving range on-board their ships.

For more than seven years the Eco Golf company has manufactured the degradable Eco golf tee made from corn that is distributed worldwide to golf courses as an alternative to the wood golf tee. Eco Golf has also begun development of biodegradable cutlery that will help eliminate our increasing landfill problems.

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