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‘Golden Nozzle’ card could win Syngenta application packs

8.31am 2nd May 2013 - Corporate

Golden Nozzle flyer compGreenkeepers and turf managers across the UK and Ireland should be on the lookout for a supersize Golden XC Nozzle promotion. The Golden Nozzle gives you the chance to win a full Syngenta application pack of XC Nozzles and calibration tools – worth over £400 each.

The promotion will initially be sent to all BIGGA members, with further offers at Syngenta and Everris events and seminars over the coming months.  There are initially five application packs to be won, with further winners from each participating event and seminar.

Every XC Nozzle promotional card contains a unique reference number, which can be entered on the website: to check if it’s a winning combination. The lucky numbers have been selected entirely at random and pre-programmed into the website.

The Syngenta application pack includes a set of each of the innovative new 025, 04 and 08 XC Nozzles, plus a unique Calibration Checker System. The XC Nozzle range enables more accurate and consistently even application of all foliar or soil targeted treatments.

The Golden Nozzle promotion will also be run at Turf Science Live  – with three lucky winners to be selected from attendees of this exciting practical turf management event; organised by Everris, Jacobsen and Syngenta that will be held at Wentworth Golf Club in July this year.

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Syngenta turf products are distributed in the UK by Everris.

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