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Full Swing Golf Simulator’s International League Builds Strong Global Competition

8.29am 23rd April 2013 - Corporate

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With springtime comes warm weather and many new golf leagues across the world. But golfers in plenty of cold-weather climates already have their mid-season swings going. That’s because they’ve played all winter in Full Swing Golf’s International League, on Full Swing Golf simulators.

The world’s largest online international league this past 2012-13 winter season consisted of 274, two-player teams competing against each other at 24 participating locations worldwide.

In fact, there were three times more golfers than last year! Players just visited their local facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, CzechRepublic, South Africa, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden, to compete against one another.

Currently, each team contributes $40 towards prizes, and plays 16 virtual, weekly nine-hole rounds at the world’s top courses. Players can always go online to reference live leaderboards by division, location and country. The season culminates with playoffs, highlighted by the final round. The most recent league paid out an approximate total prize pool of $10,960. Players play without a handicap for the first five rounds, which are not flighted. Then the handicaps get recalculated after each round, to keep the playing field even.

Details are available on the iLeague website at  as well as on the league’s Facebook page at .

Indoor golf is becoming more and more popular – because of convenience, its ability to be played in cold weather and at night, quick rounds, and its general social nature. Full Swing Golf’s players are loyal, addicted and content to keep playing. They simply keep coming back for more.

While 24 indoor centres worldwide have committed to hosting Full Swing Golf’s International League, many others have expressed interest in signing up. That will help make indoor golf a year-round sport and attract sponsors to offer fabulous prizes. It’s all about making the sport of indoor golf competitive and fun.

“This two-person team International League platform is just the start,” says Chad Coleman, vice president of sales at Full Swing Golf. “From this league, we can create other tournaments, such as Ryder Cup and PGA-style competitions and contests that will keep our customers coming back all-year round. It’s an exciting time to become a part of this growing online community.”

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