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Creative Golf Video launches TV-style productions for golf resorts and clubs

3.33am 26th May 2016 - Corporate

Creative Golf Video team from left, Sam Moodie, Mark Kendrick, Ken Moodie
Creative Golf Video team from left, Sam Moodie, Mark Kendrick, Ken Moodie

One of Europe’s leading golf course architects has taken to the skies in collaboration with a TV and video production company to form Creative Golf Video.

The new service, designed to appeal to golf resorts and golf clubs across the UK and mainland Europe, creates the prospect of affordable, high-end, TV-style video packages which combine spectacular aerial filming and cinematic ground-based video footage, tailored for the golf operator industry.

Powered by the golf expertise of Creative Golf Design and the successful film & TV industry track record of Frozen Moon Productions, Creative Golf Video (CGV) brings a new level of professionalism to the creation of promotional videos for golf resorts and clubs.

Video packages have already been produced for UK golf clubs such as Moortown GC and Aldeburgh GC, including both aerial and ground-based footage, plus interior Clubhouse and Pro Shop shots.

Creative Golf Video brings together the talents of two BNUC-S qualified drone operators – golf architect Ken Moodie and his son Sam – plus experienced video producer Mark Kendrick.

Aerial footage produced by a 4K Panasonic camera mounted on a remotely-piloted DJI S900 Spreading Wings drone, as used by professional cinematographers for film and TV production, is edited in the CGV post-production suite to produce videos which can cover everything from single-hole showcases to full-course fly-throughs and stunning high-altitude views of the whole facility.

On the ground, CGV uses professional cinematography techniques perfected in hundreds of music videos, TV commercials and brand & promotional videos, such as crane and dolly shots, time-lapse and variable depth of field, to produce a luxury feel to the lifestyle footage it shoots for golf resorts and clubs.

News and documentary-style footage, staff interviews, customer testimonials and specialist footage to showcase hotel accommodation, spa and leisure facilities, conference and banqueting spaces and golf academy operations can also be included in the comprehensive video shoot, which is agreed during pre-filming meetings where script, storyboards, locations and overall goals are planned with the client.

Back in the studio afterwards, CGV adds graphics and screen effects, and suitable music and a professional voiceover are also synchronised in the finished edit.

When the videos are finished CGV can also give its customers advice on distributing them effectively via the web, email, social media and TV to gain maximum exposure.

“Creative Golf Video gives golf resort owners and club operators the means at last to achieve total professionalism in how they market their facilities using video” said CGV co-founder Ken Moodie, a past President of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects. “Our ability to produce both aerial and ground-based films equally well, in true cinema quality, sets us apart from other video providers.

“Factor in my background as a golf architect with dozens of design projects throughout Europe, and the knowledge that brings as regards what appeals to a golfer, and I think it’s clear that Creative Golf Video is genuinely unique in today’s market.”

“I am excited at the prospect of videoing some of the UK and Europe’s most ambitious golf resorts and clubs” said CGV co-founder and professional video, animation and DVD producer Mark Kendrick. “It is an opportunity for the golf industry to use this fast-growing technology to create high-class video materials – which are an essential part of the modern marketing mix.

“Whether you put your golf resort’s videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, or whether you host them on your own website, recent research has shown that 64% of consumers are highly influenced to take action by online product videos, with over 80% of all web visitors watching online videos on a regular basis.

“With broadband speeds soaring across Europe, now is the time to plan your new promotional video”.

Creative Golf Video

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