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Big Increase in Foremost’s EMP Membership

12.03am 25th January 2013 - Corporate

Matthew Barr Gerards Cross GC
Matthew Barr Gerards Cross GC

Foremost Golf has announced that membership of its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) shot up by a remarkable 13% during the last three months of 2012.

This large increase in membership levels comes at the end of a season in which the majority of the group’s EMP members enjoyed an increase in both sales and profits despite the difficult economic situation and other significant disruptions to the golf retail business including long spells of wet weather, the Olympics and the Euro Championships.

“There is no doubt that the majority of our EMP members out-performed the market during 2012 and that has resulted in a sizeable increase in EMP membership over the final months of the year,” said Foremost Golf Company Director, Andy Martin.

“The current membership stands at just over 200 and that figure is rising on an almost daily basis,” he added.

“We’re delighted those members have grasped the advantages that EMP membership can bring to their businesses and I would add that it also represents good news for our suppliers because it means their sales are likely to increase as well.”

Foremost’s EMP is more than just a newsletter, it is an integrated retail solution that is designed specifically to drive store sales and in 2012 it has clearly met this objective. EMP professionals receive a wide range of benefits including a marketing tool kit, customised store signage, a free weekly digital newsletter and exclusive access to an attractive range of special promotions organised in tandem with the Group’s Official Suppliers.

One Official Supplier who has no doubt about the benefits of EMP membership is Neil Parker, the Sales Director for Motocaddy.

“Last year we enjoyed a large increase in the business we did with Foremost professionals,” said Parker.

“We have subsequently analysed the income we received from Foremost members between January and October of that year and the resultant data shows that sales to EMP members rose by 56% compared to a 36% increase among non-EMP members.

“I would argue that data gives clear evidence of how effective Foremost’s EMP programme is,” Parker added.

“If ever Foremost members need proof of the difference EMP membership makes to their business, there it is.”

Foremost members can find out more about the benefits of EMP membership by logging onto the group’s website at or by contacting Robert Slade-Baker on +44 (0)1753 218899 or


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