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BBC TV Programme shows Importance of American Golf’s ‘Silent Sales Person’

1.21pm 25th September 2015 - Corporate

american golf logoAmerican Golf has been praised by consumer champion Reevoo in the BBC’s ‘Rip Off Britain’ programme for its bravery in signing up to its independent review service.

The BBC contacted Reevoo and American Golf in light of the recent UK Competition and Markets Authority report into businesses dealing in fake online reviews or endorsements.  The programme revealed that 54% of consumers use reviews to make buying decisions and £23 billion per annum of consumer spending is influenced by opinions online.  However, more than 1 in 5 of online reviews are in fact, fake.

Reevoo is employed by American Golf, and hundreds of other leading businesses, to independently manage online reviews. Reevoo ensures that reviews are always from genuine, verified purchasers, it never changes reviews and it never suppresses bad reviews.

Pat Foley from American Golf was interviewed for the programme and stressed the importance of impartiality, “I think it’s absolutely important that we publish all reviews – good and bad. They must be honest, they must be impartial – we only want to present legitimate feedback from our customers. A genuine customer review is in effect another silent sales person.”

Reevoo’s VP of Innovation Edwin Bos told the BBC, clients that sign up with Reevoo are showing a commitment to their customers, “I think companies are brave to sign up with Reevoo because it does mean everything is there… it’s quite good because they see transparency is key. They need to know that the readers of reviews can trust what they’re reading and there’s no manipulation”.

Since appointing Reevoo, American Golf has accrued impressive review scores for its services.


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