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AQUA-AID returns to SALTEX after progressive year

11.20am 4th November 2016 - Corporate

Aqua-Aid successfully used on a golf course
Aqua-Aid successfully used on a golf course

Renowned golfing venues such as Croke Park and Golf Course The Dutch, hosts of the 2016 KLM Dutch Open, are using a combination of OARS HS and PS, the Verde-Cal range and Worm Power on their sites.

Following successful trials and meetings with product specialists at St George’s Park, Aqua-Aid products, supplied by ProSport UK, will be used as part of the main consumables program at the Burton-on-Trent training base, and Wembley Stadium; the focus of which is to get more control over the moisture levels on all facilities as well as to prevent black layer.

Visitors to the stand heard more about the sophisticated 3D technology within the OARS penetrating and hydrating surfactant range, which has made it an invaluable tool in managing the moisture level within the root zone. It is the only product on the market that performs a 3D action throughout the soil profile, making it the leader in its field.

This season has also seen WormPower rise to prominence in the market. This product is used for root mass development as well as thatch reduction, and has shown great results. It reduces disease pressure and increases germination rates after reseeding, making it a great tool during the season and especially during renovations.

Verde-Cal G has proven extremely effective against black layer due to Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) being combined with thCa™, an organic complexing agent. thCa™ makes the Calcium in gypsum more readily available for soil or plant up-take without effecting or raising pH levels.


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