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Amalgamation of Eagle Promotions and Parsaver

12.35am 15th February 2012 - Corporate

Philip McInley, Eagle’s managing director and Ian Henderson have agreed that together, combining the strengths of both companies will bring huge positives to the golf market.

Ian explains: “Eagle are rightly regarded as the leading supplier of course , score cards and signage within the market place, not only here in the UK, but throughout Europe and indeed other areas of the world. The experience Phil and his staff offer combined with the skills of Parsaver’s graphics director, Steve Rowe, make a pretty formidable package, and we look forward to continuing to develop new products and services for the future.”

Phil McInley added: “We are delighted with the opportunities this new venture brings. Parsaver has long been applauded for the innovation and quality graphics they have brought to the golf market place. To be able to combine this with the production systems and 30 years of experience Eagle can offer, creates a formidable range of products and some fantastic opportunities going forward.”

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