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Air2G2 Joins Asian Golf Industry Federation

3.51pm 27th April 2017 - Corporate


GT AirInject, founders of the innovative Air2G2 aerification machine for golf courses and athletic fields, has joined the Asian Golf Industry Federation (AGIF).

A family-owned company, GT AirInject partners with a worldwide network of distributors “who understand the benefits of aerification and are dedicated to helping their customers achieve optimum turf health,” according to Richard Campey, of Campey Turf Care Systems.

GT AirInject is an Associate Business Member and will discuss its state-of-the-art products and expertise at various AGIF educational seminars over the next year.

Glen Black, Owner and President of GT AirInject and developer of the Air2G2 machine, said: “Our tagline is ‘Air is Everything to Anything That Lives’ and the Air2G2 was designed with this simple fact in mind.

“Plants require oxygen in order to grow, and soil compaction can squeeze valuable air pockets, starving plant roots and keeping them from absorbing the moisture and nutrients they need.

“The Air2G2’s adjustable, pressurised air injections fracture this layer of soil, relieving compaction immediately. Increased porosity allows for better water drainage and increased turf cushioning, stimulating deeper root growth and forcing immediate gas exchange.

“In addition to the immediate benefits, Air2G2 keeps turf healthy and more resilient. The long-term benefits of increased microbial activity, deeper roots and better drainage mean healthier turf.

“Ultimately, the Air2G2 produces enhanced tolerance to heat and drought, improved fertiliser effectiveness, and less bacteria and fungus in the root zone, saving time and money.”

Black added: “Through our membership of the Asian Golf Industry Federation and participation at various turf grass seminars and field days we look forward to growing our business across Asia.”

Eric Lynge, the AGIF’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are pleased to welcome GT AirInject as an Associate Business Member of the Federation.

“The Air2G2 generated tremendous interest when it was displayed and tested by Campey Turf Care Systems during March’s Asian Golf Industry Federation’s Turfgrass Management Exposition in Pattaya, Thailand. We look forward to seeing Glen and his team joining us at future events around the region.”

Many of the world’s best-known golf courses and sports facilities use Air2G2, including Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club and Oakland Hills Country Club in the United States and Gleneagles, Scotland; Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in London and Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Spain; Fenway Park, home of Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox, and the NFL’s Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field.

Asian facilities that have used Air2G2 include The Country Club in Chachoengsao, Thailand, Nambu Golf Club in Yonginn, South Korea and Japan’s Denka ‘Big Swan’ Stadium, home of the Albirex Nigata Football Club.

Robert Bittner, Director of Golf Course Operations at Club Pelican Bay in Florida said: “We use the Air2G2 surprisingly a lot in fairways, along cart paths, any place showing compaction or drainage issues, we use it and it seems to help. The Air2G2 does a better job than any other aerating unit we’d use.”

Brian Burke, Superintendent at Sycamore Creek Country Club in South Dayton, Ohio, said: “My worst green became my best green after two passes of the Air2G2.”

Black said: “Air is everything to anything that lives and guides our unyielding commitment to creatively and intelligently develop and support products which improve soil profile, turf growth and health, moving our customers’ businesses and their lives forward in a positive and constructive manner.

“We do this with authenticity, honesty and empathy, forever remaining true to our innovative roots.”

GT AirInject, Inc

Asian Golf Industry Federation

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