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Agronomic Services Ltd Partners with Golf Business International

3.57pm 2nd August 2017 - Corporate - This story was updated on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

David Snowden

David Snowden, Managing Director of Agronomic Services Ltd is delighted to announce his membership of Golf Business International, which aims to promote golf related consultancy skills and maintain and define an association code of practice in the field of golf consultancy.

Golf Business International has a successful record in providing assistance to the global golf community across a broad spectrum of services, assisting golf course developers and clients wishing to build successful golf businesses.

David says, “It was wonderful to be invited to join Golf Business International as the level of fellow consultants offers a wealth of experience and it is a privilege to be a member.”

David creates Agronomic solutions for golf course architects, course managers, directors of golf, football and rugby stadiums and training pitches heads of grounds. He specialises in grow ins, major renovations, trouble shooting and tournament preparation.

Based in the UK, he regularly visits Europe and the Middlle East to service an International client base, while specialising in agronomic advice, producing comprehensive soil and water analysis, reports and solutions, both on warm and cool-season grasses.

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Golf Business International

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