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59club and CourseMate partner to help raise club excellence

2.50pm 6th April 2018 - Corporate

59club, renowned industry leaders in measuring and comparing customer service levels, have teamed up with CourseMate, creators of a club specific golf app, to provide a comprehensive service that brings greater levels of communication and customer service to clubs.

The new partnership creates a technological and customer service win-win for clubs:

The CourseMate app, is bespoke to each club providing its members and visitors with course management guidance including; GPS, course layout, flyovers and scorecards.

The app also works to improve member communication and club attendance with instant updates on events and club promotions, it also provides a direct route to book tee times and social events.

The clever addition of 59club’s member app; golftell, creates a new channel for members (and their guests) to ‘privately’ communicate their views direct to management allowing clubs to make informed decisions to improve their member experience.

The ‘telling’ process is quick and easy, based on a Great / Good / Average / Poor experience. Member feedback encapsulates the current course condition, food quality, general facilities and customer service levels. Like all 59club benchmarking tools, comparisons can be made to the best performing clubs and the industry average, all from just one app.

Simon Wordsworth, 59club CEO said; “We are delighted to join forces with CourseMate, the combined use of our mobile technologies will result in a boost in customer satisfaction, revenues and profits at all associated client clubs.

“The new member app comes as an extension to our my59 suite of Satisfaction Surveys, Mystery Shopping Audits and Customer Review tools. Its addition creates the complete ‘Quality Assurance’ package within my59 for clubs to excel”.

Jenni Biggs, Co-Founder of CourseMate said “We are proud and excited to be given the opportunity to work with such a reputable organisation as 59club, they have an amazing team and with both of our company’s desire to improve the industry and bring more people back to their favourite clubs, it can only go from strength to strength.”

59club clients & industry spearheads were fortunate to gain an insight into the workings of the new golftell app during the training seminars that preceded 59club’s 8th annual Service ‘Excellence’ Awards held at The Grove.

CourseMate directors, Adam Harris and Jenni Biggs, captivated the minds of many after delivering their educational presentation which focused on the digital marketing age. CourseMate were commended for their insight on how clubs can better engage with its members and generate maximum spend.

As far as member satisfaction goes, it seems the pair have the winning formula all wrapped up within a clever little app, which is proving to be very useful tool for club management and the member himself.

Anyone wanting further advice from 59club on how to advance service levels, improve member satisfaction, retention and revenues using my59 is urged to contact Mark Reed at 59club on 07958 584 607, or visit to sign up to an educational webinar session.

For further information about the CourseMate app, please contact Jenni Biggs +44 1494 881722 or email

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