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Creation of the world’s first strategic GOLF industry Alliance

12.42am 3rd October 2013 - Travel - This story was updated on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Golf World Alliance image(Paris, Milan, Dallas, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid, and Stockholm): The Founding Members of GOLF WORLD ALLIANCE© have entered into a first ever strategic alliance relationship to launch a unique global membership program. The Founding Members are comprised of golf course owners and operators from 7 countries. With the formation of this alliance will come a revolutionary membership program for golf and leisure travellers on a global basis.

From the magnificent and historic surroundings of the Latrobe Golf and Country Club, PA, USA (home to and owned by Mr. Arnold Palmer), the following golf industry companies: Access Global Golf and Travel (USA), Global Green (Spain), BurgGolf (Holland), International Golf Holding (Italy), LeClub Golf Sweden (Sweden), NGFGolf (France), Reiters (Austria) formed a charter to allow their members to have reciprocal benefits and play each others’ courses.

When the membership is launched, GOLFWORLD MEMBERS© will have access to the affiliated clubs as if they were playing at their home course.

Beginning in November, 2013, playing golf as a private club member while travelling becomes quite convenient! Members from any of the participating GOLF WORLD ALLIANCE© member courses will be invited to upgrade to the GOLFWORLD MEMBER© program. Each GOLF WORLD ALLIANCE© company will have a dedicated service which will provide tee time reservations to the Golf World Alliance© golf courses.

Becoming a GOLFWORLD MEMBER© will not only be about playing golf! It will also provide a universe of exclusive benefits. Specific travel offers, sporting discoveries, cultural, gastronomic and international sporting events on 5 continents will make each and every GOLFWORLD MEMBER© a global VIP!

Never before offered in the golfing world, in the leisure industry or on any other global marketplace, the GOLFWORLD MEMBER© is simply unique.

On top of the 7 founder countries and golf operating companies – many other golf company owners and operators are expected to join the GOLFWORLD ALLIANCE© so as to offer as much golf course access as possible to the world’s golfers.

As for now, thanks to the Founder Members and the GOLFWORLD ALLIANCE©, golf is becoming easily accessible to golfers during their global travel!


It was in April, 2013 that 7 Founder Members decided to create the GOLFWORLD ALLIANCE© – the first strategic golf industry alliance.

Their common objective is to accelerate the development of golf around the world by using synergies and sharing information.

The GOLFWORLD ALLIANCE© has established four main initiatives as their primary objectives:

  1. Create Innovative Membership Programs: e.g. GOLFWORLD MEMBER© offering, loyalty programs, golf travel benefits, and international exchange programs
  2. Sourcing and Endorsements: e.g. benchmarking purchasing and expenses, preferred suppliers, global sponsorships and partnerships
  3. Marketing and Communication: e.g. IT platforms, concierge, common websites and mobile platforms, special events promotions
  4. Best Practices: e.g. a program of continuous improvement, regular meetings, seminars, congress

The governance of the Golf World Alliance is accomplished through volunteer work of the Founder Members. Initially, all 7 Founder Members serve as Board Members with the following serving in official roles:

Independent golf operators, networks and chains around the globe who are interested in joining the Golf World Alliance may contact the following Founder Members for more details:

Italy, Greece, Croatia, Balkans, Turkey; Francesca Colombo and Francesco Di Pietro

UK, France, Asia, South Africa, Middle East, Japan, Paul Armitage

China, New Zealand, Australia, Central America, USA, Canada; Mark Murphy

Spain, Portugal and North Africa; Bruno Lelieur

Scandinavia, Baltic States, Russia; Johan Mihkelson Ringqvist

Austria, Germany, East Europe; Karl J. Reiter

Holland, Benelux; Henk-Jan Boer


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