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Hirzl becomes Official Glove of Ladies European Tour

8.33am 10th May 2011 - Sponsorship - This story was updated on Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Sports glove specialist HIRZL AG of Switzerland has become the Official Glove of the Ladies European Tour and as part of the agreement, HIRZL will supply the LET with its highly developed range of golf gloves, while the LET will endorse the brand as its glove of choice for all its players.

HIRZL has been active in its sponsorship of women’s golf and recently appointed Dubai-based German professional Tour player Elisabeth Esterl as its LET brand ambassador.

Through the new two-year contract, LET staff, players and other associates will be able to get their hands on the ground-breaking gloves. The LET will advertise the HIRZL gloves on its official website and Facebook pages as well as in the 2012 official media guide.

“We are extremely happy about the new partnership with HIRZL. The company sees the prime opportunity to gain considerable credit for building the market that the LET offers,” said Axel Kaulmann, the Ladies European Tour’s Commercial Director.

HIRZL Gloves first appeared in 2008, and are remarkable in that they were the first golfing gloves purpose-made with GRIPPP™ technology – invented by HIRZL technicians.

The TRUST Gloves are made using Kangaroo leather, due to the fact that the characteristics of strength and pliability of kangaroo leather form a better raw material to optimize the GRIPPP™ processes to produce a better glove. Within this innovative use of the new leather, HIRZL further developed two kinds of glove: TRUST Control  and TRUST Feel , in order to meet different performance criteria, different playing conditions etc..

In 2011 HIRZL transplanted its highly specialized design, manufacturing and treatment expertise into an entirely new addition to the range – the SOFFFT™New Generation Cabretta Glove. With their technological edge, however, HIRZL have succeeded in addressing Cabretta’s  inherent weakness: its likelihood to start losing performance from the first usage, through being susceptible to perspiration, moisture and friction.

A long and complex tanning process pioneered by HIRZL and comprising 30 discrete stages is at the core of SOFFFT™ technology. During a painstaking manufacture process one would expect of a company with precision engineering at its core, a hand-finish stitching procedure involves 42 stages from cutting to finishing.

Bagher Pirouz, CEO of HIRZL AG, said: “Of all the areas where we can invest time and resource the LET is a competitive arena where we can make the most meaningful contribution over the shortest period of time.  We have the people and resources in place to make a great impact on the LET and further our own plans to grow within the professional game.”

The SOFFFT™ Flex was the most highly praised golf glove at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last January, and easily one of the most talked-about products of the event overall.

HIRZL uses such extreme care and attention to detail in its glove-manufacturing process that they make a credible claim to be the top sports glove engineers in the world.


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