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Sancti Petri Hills Update

10.07am 21st February 2014 - Property

Sancti Petri Golf Course
Sancti Petri Golf Course

Sancti Petri Hills Golf Course, designed by Manuel Piñero, can be described as a smooth, flowing course of 18 holes with winding fairways, challenging sand and water hazards, and ample, well manicured greens, surrounded by tropical gardens all set within a forest of pines. It is in an area served by many hotels and located close to one of the best beaches in the area, as explained in this introduction (in English) by Golf Manager, Fabricio Llanza

In the last six months there has been a big growth in numbers of player, with many promotional and maintenance activities developed during that period, bringing the property valuable publicity as seen on this video (in Spanish) from the local TV company

In 2013 Sancti Petri Hills has been part of the men and ladies “Meliá Golf Circuit” – a well known local amateur tour with more than 8,000 participants. This came to the club last October with the Open Meliá American Express – a great day out for all those who took part.

This year 2014 Sancti Petri Hills is part of the Audi Senior Circuit with eight events during the season.. The first round was played on Saturday 8th February.

In summary Sancti Petri Hills Golf Course is on track to re-establish itself amongst the best in the area, both nationally and internationally.

The golf course belongs to Banca March, a Spanish private bank with more than 100 years of experience in Spain, which is offering the property for sale. For more details visit here.

Sancti Petri Hill Golf Course

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