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Precision Microbes Appoint Gary Robertson as UK Technical Sales Director

11.43am 1st April 2020 - People

Precision Microbes has appointed Gary Robertson as their new technical sales director for the United Kingdom.

Gary has held various positions during his 25-years in the turf industry including golf course manager, groundsman at a Premier League club, working in Bulgaria as a construction and grow-in manager and more recently as technical sales manager at Consolidate Turf.

In his new role, he will be overseeing the expansion and development of Precision Microbes products in the UK amenity sector. The range of products is already popular in Europe with football teams in Spain’s La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga, and expanding on this success within the English winter sports and golf market is a target for Gary.

Precision Microbes produce blends of up to 60 different microorganisms that can benefit the plant in different ways. These blends focus on the behaviour and benefits of microorganisms on the plant and the growing medium which it lives in.

Gary’s arrival at the company has unfortunately coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, with this in mind, a greater level of sensitivity has been adopted regarding a lower key introduction.  He feels that the products Precision Microbes offer can assist turf managers who may be disrupted or feel short of renovation time as a result of the uncertainty over the re-opening of golf facilities or the resumption of this season and beginning of the 2020/21 season.

Gary explained: “I’m confident Precision Microbes are set up to have a beneficial impact on the UK turf market because they offer a diverse and evolving product range, particularly with the growing demand for alternatives to chemical products.

“Regardless of the green space that you manage, turf issues are generally the same across the board to a lesser or greater extent. The golf establishment continues to adjust with changing landscapes and environments in order to strive for their own individual perfect playing surfaces. Spring and Autumn renovations often take place under less than ideal climatic conditions. This can result in prolonged surface disruption and slow recovery leading to frustrations. It is certainly well documented that oxygen within the profile is a necessity, and incorporating Precision Microbes as part of your primary maintenance programme will supplement this process.

“Our products have been successful at football clubs in Europe, and we’ve seen excellent results not only during renovations but as part of a continued maintenance programme.  Given the current circumstances, these products could be used on pitches to naturally reduce the organic matter without putting them out of action for any length of time. 

“Modern pitch surfaces such as Hybrid stitched, carpet systems or even the older stabilised systems have quite specific renovation and maintenance requirements.  Our organic range will complement existing practices and potentially alleviate some of the issues resulting through the inability to turn the surface over.”

Strong Grass Hybrid is a blend of beneficial microorganisms that colonise the leaves, plant crown, rootzone and rhizosphere. Their main objective is to promote strong, healthy root growth and to breakdown organic matter and fertilisers so that they can be easily taken in by the plant. It contains extra beneficial microorganisms that eliminate black layer, and pathogens that infect plants, help keep the plant healthy, thereby helping it fight off pests and infections. It can be applied by spraying directly onto the surface or through the irrigation during a normal cycle.

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