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PGA Professional Helps Tackle Poverty in Ghana

11.59pm 25th September 2017 - People - This story was updated on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Emilio Dellanzo, PGA Professional, is in Ghana spending six months leading a team of volunteers on a UK government funded project to fight poverty.

Emilio Dellanzo

Emilio, 27, is working on a project run by international development organisation International Service, as part of the UK government funded International Citizen Service (ICS) programme. He is leading a team of British and Ghanaian volunteers to reduce poverty and empower vulnerable people in rural communities, focusing on women groups, through non-formal education, occupational skills development and business management skills development, thus promoting sustainability.

Emilio said: “ICS offers a unique opportunity to make a real difference on a long-term development project, so I’m really excited to be involved. Over the years of working in golf, I have organised many tournaments that support charities and organisations such as ICS, so I became interested in finding out for myself, how much these events could really contribute in bettering the lives of others and making a lasting impact.

I never imagined how much the management and leadership skills learnt through my PGA training and Golf Management experience could have so easily been transferred and adapted to making a real contribution to fighting poverty! If it wasn’t for the education I received, and the management experience I gained through golf, I wouldn’t be here today. We have a wonderful team, and our project has so far been very successful.

Also, as a Team Leader in Ghana, working in an unfamiliar environment, managing a team of individuals from a mix of diverse cultures and backgrounds, challenges are inevitable. But they are a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills even more, thus further improve my own personal development. For this reason, I look forward to returning to the golf business in January 2018 with my new and improved personal set of skills”.

ICS is open to people aged 18-25 when their placement begins. Those aged 23-35 can also apply to be ICS team leaders.

To find out more about ICS or to apply, visit For more information please contact Emilio Dellanzo, or

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