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Performance54 & Rick Shiels Appoint Guy Charnock As Brand Manager  

3.38pm 5th October 2017 - People

Leading golf sales and marketing agency, Performance54, has appointed former Nike Golf Technical Representative, Guy Charnock, to the role of Brand Manager, overseeing the company’s relationship with leading YouTube influencer, Rick Shiels.

Rick Shiels with Guy Charnock (left)

Guy brings a wealth of experience to Rick’s team, having spent time on both sides of the camera through his involvement in product and athlete marketing initiatives at Nike. His appointment to the Performance54 staff will focus upon managing the increased demand and supporting Rick’s expansion plans for 2018.

“Rick’s progress has been particularly strong over the last 12 months so this is a timely appointment,” commented Gary Davidson, Executive Director, Performance54 Ltd. “The demand on Rick’s time away from the camera is ever increasing, so Guy’s appointment will be a great help in allowing Rick to maintain focus on creating exceptional regular content and providing his audience with golfing insights and entertainment.”

‘Rick Shiels PGA Golf’ has become the fastest growing channel in golf, recently reaching a YouTube following of 243,000 subscribers and amassing 30 million views and 200 million minutes of content consumed in 2017.

Rick’s presence also continues to boom across all forms of social media, which has been reflected in the channel’s consumer engagement, with over 345,000 ‘likes’ and 145,000 comments posted since the start of the year. With a further 150,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, Rick’s reach continues to grow across the most used social platforms.

Of the appointment, Guy Charnock, said: “It is remarkable to think about what Rick has achieved in such a short space of time. We’ve known each other for a long time, during which we’ve built a great working relationship and I am excited to be a part of the next phase of his development.”

Rick added: “It’s great to be working with people you trust and have the utmost respect for, and Guy is certainly in that category. Guy has fantastic experience which I’m excited to be able to draw on, and I think he’s perfectly positioned to help us navigate the nuances of the golf industry and make sure we keep delivering unique content for our audience.”

For more information, check out Rick Shiels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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