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Two Bunker Solutions in One

12.10am 25th January 2013 - New Products

Royston 3rd Hole
Royston 3rd Hole

Two of the country’s top bunker construction companies have formed an alliance to ensure that golf clubs across the country will receive the best possible advice and service when it comes to developing bunkers on their golf courses.

Blinder Bunker Liners and Envirosports Ltd have each developed unique bunker products which have been warmly embraced by golf clubs over the last two years and between them the two companies have solved many of the bunker problems that have bedevilled golf clubs during that time.

The two concepts are different. Blinder Bunkers provide a rubberised, flexible free draining liner which prevents contamination of sand while EnviroBunker is a bunker face and edge solution which is resistive to all forms of erosions. Both are developed from 100% recycled material, have a design life of 20+ years and together offer a completely maintenance free bunker solution.

Blinder and EnviroBunker can be used jointly as seen at a recent collaborative project between the two companies at Royston Golf Club in Hertfordshire where the two products were used together to produce a fully sealed bunker solution.

There are also occasions when one or other will be the best solution to a club’s bunker issues.

“We know that our product is suitable for bunkers with faces over 45 degrees and that Blinder works best with faces that are under 45 degrees so we are more than happy to recommend Blinder if we believe that is the best option. Blinder also offer a base solution, we do not, and likewise we offer a finishing revetted edge solution which is unique to our product” said Rhydian Lewis, Envirosports Director.

“Once we’ve taken a look at the bunkers in question we will offer the best solution and should that be EnviroBunker we will be more than happy to recommend that option to the golf club,” said Murray Long, Blinder Director.

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