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Titleist Launches New Golf Balls

9.53am 30th January 2012 - New Products

Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist introduces four new golf balls to its line – NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo. Each has been designed to deliver best in category quality and consistency, while providing a range of performance and preference options for golfers across every skill level of the game.

New NXT Tour and NXT Tour S deliver the best scoring performance available with a non-urethane cover. Trusted by golfers for over a decade, NXT Tour has been improved for 2012 to deliver even longer distance while retaining its commanding scoring shot performance. New NXT Tour S offers NXT Tour-like performance with a softer compression feel. The all-new Velocity provides explosive distance via the fastest solid core of any Titleist golf ball. Titleist delivers the Softest DT yet in the New DT SoLo. Both NXT Tour S and DT SoLo are offered in optic yellow. New Velocity is also available with double-digit orange play numbers “00” “11” “22” “33”.

“Our golf ball product development process is the same for all Titleist golf balls,” said Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President, Golf Ball Research and Development. “It always starts with golfer testing where we identify performance improvements that will help golfers score better and determine what their preference options are. New Titleist NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo are the result of this process and deliver the best scoring performance and quality within their respective segment.”

The new offerings, all of which are manufactured in Titleist’s world-class ball plants, begin shipping to golf shops in March. They also will be included among Titleist’s industry-leading in-shop and on-line Golf Ball Education, Fitting and Selection initiatives.

“Before we introduce any new Titleist golf ball, it is performance validated with golfers. Thousands of Team Titleist members tested and validated the New NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo,” said Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President Golf Ball Marketing and Titleist Communications. “Along with the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, the best scoring performance golf balls in the game, Titleist provides golfers with a range of superior performance and preference choices, all with our precision, quality and consistency.”

Explosive ‘Velocity’ headlines all-new top-grade golf ball line-up from Titleist!

The all-new Titleist Velocity sits between the new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S and DT SoLo models. Velocity is powered for distance with the fastest solid core of any Titleist golf ball. The Velocity’s exclusive core works with a new cover formula and dimple pattern combination to offer high initial ball speed, a soaring, consistent ball flight, deep downrange peak trajectory and playable short game feel. Velocity is available in single and double digit orange play numbers. (£28 per dozen)

Titleist enhances NXT Tour franchise with new softer feel NXT Tour S

Entering its second decade as the best-performing non-urethane covered golf ball, the new NXT Tour offers long, consistent distance and commanding short game control, whilst the all-new NXT Tour S benefits from a softer compression to offer golfers NXT Tour-like performance with a softer feel. The new NXT Tour S is available in white or high optic yellow options. (£34 per dozen)

Popular ‘Red Box’ Titleist DT SoLo now softer than ever

Completing Titleist’s 2012 golf ball range is the softest ever DT SoLo, whilst continuing to deliver the long distance and outstanding control that are the DT standard. The softest compression ball in the Titleist range, the new DT SoLo offers a penetrating ball flight with long roll out for excellent driver and iron distance, whilst providing a distinctly soft feel.The new DT SoLo is available in white or high optic yellow options. (£21 per dozen)

The all-new Titleist golf ball range will be available from 1st March 2012.



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