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TaylorMade expands putter range with new Truss and Spider S models

2.29pm 3rd February 2020 - New Products

TaylorMade has launched a new range of putters designed for players that are looking for the performance benefits of a mid-sized mallet in a more traditional blade shape.

The distinctive-looking range of Truss putters feature a new hosel structure and a stronger horizontal topline that improves stability at impact.

While traditional-shaped putters with a single contact point on the heel are susceptible to twisting at impact, TaylorMade says the design of its Truss putters, with dual contact points on the topline, twist less on off-centre strikes when compared to traditional blade-style designs, delivering the performance of a high-MOI putter with the look of a blade or mallet.

Truss putters are offered in four models: TB1, TB2, TM1 and TM2. TB1 is a heel-shafted blade design that most closely resembles a traditional blade putter. An additional 8g of weight was added to the toe to counterbalance the Truss hosel. TB2 is a centre-shafted blade with the hosel stretching across the center of the face to increase stability. TM1 is a heel-shafted mallet that combines the Truss hosel with a classic mallet shape. TM2 is a centre-shafted mallet with minimal offset and the hosel stretching across the entire topline. It is the most stable putter in the Truss family.

Truss putters will be available at retail from February 7 with an RRP of £269/€329. Each model has a nickel cobalt finish and features a cobalt blue Pure Roll insert. They are fitted with a KBS Stepless Stability shaft and Lamkin’s Sink Fit Skinny grip as standard.

TaylorMade has also expanded on its range of Spider putters with the launch of the new Spider S – a square-framed mallet that is designed to provides the ultimate in stability and forgiveness.

Made from aluminum, the head is fitted with two 48g tungsten sole weights placed on the toe and the heel to help stabilise the putter. A heavy tungsten backbar is used to further customise swing weight based on the length of the putter. Coming in 55g, 65g and 80g units, the backbar is designed to influence head weight, feel and performance. The heaviest weight (80g) pairs with the shortest putter length (33 inches) and vice versa.

With an MOI of 6,000-plus,the  Spider S is the most forgiving model in the Spider range.

The Spider S is offered in chalky white and navy and has an RRP of £299.

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