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Srixon unveils new Z-Star balls

9.30am 14th January 2019 - New Products - This story was updated on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

A proprietary new coating on the cover of Srixon’s new Z-Star balls increases spin, distance and durability

The latest versions of Srixon’s premium Z-Star and Z-Star XV balls are the first and only ones in the world to feature a new macromolecule material called SeRM, which maximises both distance and spin at a high level.

Developed by Professor Kohzo Ito at the University of Tokyo in Japan, SeRM stands for Slide-Ring Material, a macromolecule whose network structure allows the molecules to move under stress rather than simply breaking. In layman’s terms, this helps both the Z-Star balls to retain their shape over time, be more resistant to scuffing, and better absorb vibration.

The SeRM has been blended into the coating of the Spin Skin cover, which not only increases driver distances on the three-piece Srixon Z-Star, but also feel and spin, while the four-piece Z-Star XV benefits from significantly increased spin performance on short game shots, without losing driver distance.  Since putting the new XV into play, Graeme McDowell has reported increasing his ball speed by 1.5mph.

The new cover combination makes both balls feel 70% softer, and increases the friction coefficient by over 14% compared to conventional coatings. This allows the 0.5 mm urethane cover to dig deeper into the grooves of wedges and irons, enhancing spin and control.

Both balls also feature a new two-layer core construction that delivers high-resilience thanks to the increased hardness of the mid-layer, and provides higher launch angles and lower driver spin with the enhanced outer hardness and inner softness.

Available in white or yellow, both models have an RRP of £44.99 per dozen, and go on sale at the beginning of February.

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