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Srixon Sports Introduce Z-Star Golf Ball Range for 2013

11.12am 15th February 2013 - New Products

Srixon 2013-NewZ-STARXVDozenWhiteSrixon Sports Europe announce details of their latest range of Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV golf balls, to be available in shops in late February 2013.

The new Z-STAR range of balls is an evolutionary advanced ball, designed to meet the needs of Tour Professionals around the world.

Already recognized for it’s distance, the new Z-STAR range has improved spin control and feel, providing exceptional all round performance.

The surface has a new“ High grip spin coating” that delivers sharp spin performance and a soft feel, with the ball getting extra grip on the clubface on approach shots.

Increasing the difference between harder “outside” and softer “ inside” also provides lower spin on long shots.

The new dimple pattern has reduced air resistance and improved flight performance, with a strong trajectory into wind and greater distance.

Key Characteristics of the New Z-Star Range


An improved, softer feel due to the proprietary 0.5mm “super soft Neo Urethane cover”.

Also, a newly developed “ high grip spin coating”- spin skin, which greatly improves both feel and friction without reducing durability.

With this coating, from half shots to approach shots, the ball clings to the face of the club better and improves feel.

Spin performance has improved due to the 20% increase in friction between the ball and club face, leading to greater control for both Professionals and low handicap players.


The ball maintains high initial speed and has an evolutionary advanced high launch angle with reduced spin.

With their proprietary ultra thin urethane cover technology, the large diameter core creates high initial speed at point of impact.

The new Z-STAR is powered by a specially enhanced Neo Energetic Gradient growth core* that increases the difference between harder “ outside” and softer “ inside”. This provides a higher launch angle and reduced spin for extra distance.

The new Z-STAR XV is also powered by a specially enhanced Neo Energetic gradient growth dual core* which provides the same characteristics as above.

A newly developed “344 speed dimple” provides 4% more dimple coverage than on the previous model and reduces air resistance. By maintaining ball speed during flight, the ball will be longer and provide a trajectory that will be strong and unaffected by the wind.

This allows players to be aggressive with all types of shots.

Energetic Gradient Growth core – a core that gets softer from outside to in.

The New Range of Z-STAR Golf Balls will be available through leading Professionals and Golf Retailers in UK & Europe from late February 2013 with an RRP of £48 or €60

The Z-STAR range is played by many International Tour stars including Keegan Bradley, Graeme Mc Dowell, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Gonzalo Fernandez Castano and Ryo Ishikawa.  Between them, Srixon Staff Players have won more than 70 International events in the past 2 years.

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