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Riveer Introduces the TOURSPIN™ CLUB WASHER:

2.11pm 19th February 2016 - New Products - This story was updated on Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Golf club and ball manufacturers have perfected ways to impart spin and improve ball flight, but how many players clean the grooves to take advantage of new technology? Now they can, easily, with the new TourSpin™ Club Washer.

Unlike the traditional post-round wipe down with towels that don’t properly clean the club grooves, the TourSpin Club Washer thoroughly washes a full set of irons and hybrids in less than a minute by using high-pressure water and precision spinning Venturi nozzles.

With additional features, such as a high-pressure air hose for shoe soul cleaning and an automatic ball washer, the TourSpin is a valuable customer service asset to any golf course.

Operated by tokens (or other payment options), TourSpin use is easily controlled by the pro shop. TourSpin can be placed anywhere on the course grounds and used in three different ways:

TourSpin is available from Riveer in one of three plans:

For more information on how TourSpin Club Washer can add value to player experience, visit or call Int +1-888-857-7304.



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