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Rigby Taylor Launches Germin-8 – A New and Unique Grass Seed Treatment

11.33am 21st March 2016 - New Products

Germin 8 from Rigby Taylor
Germin 8 from Rigby Taylor

Rigby Taylor, the company at the forefront of supplying innovative products for the successful management and maintenance of turf surfaces, has announced Germin-8 – a unique grass seed treatment that stimulates and supports accelerated germination and emergence.

Germin-8 will be applied to all the Rigby Taylor R seed mixtures which include a host that are specific to golf courses.

Comprising a potent liquid cocktail of speciality penetrating surfactants, nutrients, sugars and mycorrhizae, Germin-8 is pre-applied to each individual grass seed as a permanent coating.

When rootzone moisture is present, Germin-8’s special surfactant with penetrant properties provides effective penetration of water into the seed by lowering surface tension. At the active germination stage, each seed has immediate access to a highly beneficial package of targeted nutrient, sugars and micronized mycorrhizae.

Accelerated germination enables the emerging plants to benefit from applications of pre-seed fertiliser and bio-stimulants, such as Activate R, to significantly increase the speed of establishment.

Germin-8 offers excellent benefits in cold and wet climatic conditions, leading to higher plant survival following renovation. This, together with appropriate aeration, contributes significantly to its rapid transfer from plant seedling to established sward stage.

In Germin-8 trials on perennial ryegrass, red fescues, browntop bent and smooth-stalked meadow grass, a germination increase of 83 to 100 per cent was achieved 10 days after treatment, compared to untreated seed.

Germin-8 liquid seed treatment adds just a maximum two per cent increase in (and therefore no requirement to increase) recommended seed sowing rates.

Commenting on the launch Jayne Leyland, Rigby Taylor’s Seed Research and Development Manager, stated: “The introduction of Germin-8 is an exciting development in grass seed treatments and further proof of the company’s innovative credentials and of its leading role in providing new products that offer significant benefits to the turf industry.”

Germin-8 boasts eight main benefits:

  1. A potent cocktail of speciality penetrating agents, nutrients and mycorrhizae
  2. Faster germination in adverse, cold, wet environmental conditions
  3. Stimulates rapid cell division for faster germination and emergence
  4. Early root mass development to aid faster establishment
  5. Accelerated healthy leaf extension to arrive quickly at three-leaf stage
  6. Higher plant survival following renovation
  7. Long-term symbiotic health benefits for the sward
  8. No dust, no increase in seed sowing rate.

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