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Remote-control combines exercise with comfort

2.28am 7th March 2012 - New Products

Millions of golfers hit the links every year across the country; some choose to ride in a cart, others prefer to walk the course. Spitzer Golf has created a way for golfers to enjoy the perks of a cart, but find a balance of exercise and comfort while playing their favourite course. Imagine having a remote golf cart where you can signal your cart to move to your ball and have the clubs come to you!

“We are a business that is driven to provide a solution to golfers that seek mobility without compromising the sport aspect of golf,” said Spitzer Vice President Kelly Wong.”

Spitzer remains on the cutting edge of sports technology with its electric golf carts and accessories. Right now, the majority of the company’s sales are in the USA (Golfsmith) and Canada (Canada Golf Carts), however, Spitzer is now working with Linkz Golf in New Zealand which is quickly becoming a booming market for their business.

“Walking the golf course (as opposed to driving a cart) is something of a ‘growing’ movement and revelation inNorth America,” said Wong, “We hope this growing trend will translate late into even better sales in the North American market.”

Spitzer Golf uses the latest innovations in technology and applies it to its remote golf carts. For instance, they were one of the first to use advanced lithium-ion battery technology to make the lightest weight remote cart on the market.

“People commonly associate these types of products as a culmination of proven off-the-shelf technologies,” Wong added, “But it can also be described as a marriage of sophisticated electrical and mechanical engineering innovations.”

The R5/R5 Digital has becomeNorth America’s favorite golf cart and the company’s number one seller. Wong and his team used a proven frame that is both classic and sturdy and coupled it with advance reliable electronic remote system to make it one of the best carts on the market.

“Using a regular push cart, you will always have to go back to your cart and push it. It gets tiresome on hills,” said Wong, “With a remote cart, you can signal your cart to move to your desired location and have the clubs come to you! Golf is a very anaerobic sport and carrying a set of clubs or driving around in a golf cart are two extremes that either invites strain or reduces the health benefits of the sport.”

Spitzer Golf is a big proponent of philanthropy, donating their time and efforts to charity golf tournaments that benefits groups like the Kidney Foundation of Canada as well as donating carts to youth golf camps.

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