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PutterFit: The Revolutionary New Way To Sell Putters

4.32pm 23rd March 2018 - New Products

The process of selling putters has changed forever with the introduction of a revolutionary new product from the makers of HoleMorePutts™ – aptly named PutterFit.

Designed specifically for the golf retailer, PutterFit is the new high-tech way for retailers to increase putter sales and help customers select the putter that is most suited to their putting stroke.

Initial tests in store have also indicated that the time taken to get the right match is considerably reduced due the speed at which the PutterFit unit feeds back information to the retailer.

Using a minimum of just 5 strokes per putter, enables PutterFit to provide sufficient information for the retailer to guide the golfer towards a style and length of putter best suited to their own putting stroke.

Product and Marketing Director, Robert Slade-Baker commented “We’re incredibly excited about this product and feedback from retailers and manufacturers has been outstanding.  It’s not often that doing something quicker in golf gets better results but perhaps PutterFit is about the break the mold.

It’s easy to use, feedback is instantaneous, the golfer goes away with the best putter suited to their game and the retailer makes a sale, all in a fraction of the time that it used to take because the stats fed back by PutterFit provides the consumer with confidence, in the same way that traditional launch monitors do when fitting for woods & irons.”

The process is based on 3 key measurements:

  1. Face Angle – is the face open or closed at impact
  2. Strike – where on the face the ball leaves the putter
  3. Club Face Rotation – amount of face rotation on the path

After just a few putts, PutterFit calculates a PutterFit Index – a measure of the suitability of the putter to the golfer.  The more suitable the putter is to achieving a square face and a consistently centered strike, the higher the PutterFit Index will be.

Robert commented “PutterFit provides the retailer with complete control over the putter sales process and it’s a simple way to ensure that the stock they carry is presented in its entirety to the golfer enabling them to make the best possible choice.

“We’ve seen time and again golfers using the wrong style of putter, wrong length or perhaps the wrong sized grip but just a few minutes spent going through the process with PutterFit can completely change a golfer’s approach to getting the right putter.”

For more information visit or contact Robert Slade-Baker using the following contact information: Robert Slade-Baker: e-mail:

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