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PrideSports Launch the Ultimate Golf Storage Solution

8.34am 12th June 2012 - New Products

PrideSports®, the world’s leading producer of golf accessories, have released a storage innovation set to become a must-have for every golfer, writes Sam Elder.

The Trunk Organiser is a revolution. No longer will you have to delve into the depths of your muddy, soggy boot to find that pack of replacement cleats you purchased last month. Your every need will be right in front of you, conveniently packed within the various handy compartments that make up this excellent item.

Every so often, and with increasing rarity, a product comes along in the golf market to which everyone’s reaction is the same; ‘why didn’t anyone think of that before?’ The Trunk Organiser unquestionably falls into this category.

The organiser holds dedicated storage compartments for shoes, tees, balls, gloves and any other accessory you choose. This product not only allows you to find everything with ease before a round, it is also ideal place to relay all your goods immediately after ready for you next venture out on the links.

The double shoe compartment includes mesh panels which will allow generous airflow, thus drying your shoes quickly and effectively. The Organiser will also keep any unwanted mud out of your boot.

The Trunk Organiser is suitably sized to fit in any car boot, measuring 22” x 13” x 9”.

Suggested Retail Price: £28.99

Pride Sports

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