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PlaneSWING to launch & distribute Precision Pods Stability Aids

12.02am 24th January 2013 - New Products

Mark Mouland
Mark Mouland

PlaneSWING®, the World’s #1 Kinaesthetic Golf Training System has been chosen by PRECISION PODS™ to launch and distribute their full swing and putting stability training aids.

A guaranteed and scientifi­cally proven (67% average stability improvement) way to build a solid foundation for your golf game. Precision Pods™ are specifi­cally designed to train golfers of all levels to learn, through feel, how to stay balanced achieving dramatically improved ball striking. For a recreational golfer or Tour Professional, improved balance through Precision Pods training helps you understand and maintain key athletic positions throughout the swing. It also strengthens your core and leg muscles reducing the likelihood of injury and aiding a dynamic and powerful motion.

PlaneSWING® CEO Tony Clark commented: “We are honoured to have been chosen to launch and distribute Precision Pods® a genuine scientific breakthrough in stability training performance. We’ll be exhibiting both PlaneSWING® and Precision Pods™ at the PGA Show booth 981. Our products capture the most important aspect of feel that relate to golfers and the dramatic and sustained results speak for themselves.”

Precision Pods™ Inventor James Klassen added: “We selected PlaneSWING® because of their success in the industry and the obvious synergy between our brands and philosophy. Our shared passion for game improvement and our ambition to make a real difference to the lives of others through golf inspired both Tony Clark and I to work together.”

“Pro golfers are always trying to ­find ‘the Secret’. I wish I’d found this years ago. What an amazing feeling. I instantly found I had a solid base and was able to take up the address position far quicker and the stroke just followed. I’m sold!” Mark Mouland, Champions Tour Member & Multiple Tour Winner

“For recovering injured service men and women with prosthetics, this is the best stability tool and I certainly wouldn’t limit it to golf” Jim Estes, Founder, Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA).

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