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P3ProSwing Introduces ProLaunch, State-of-the-Art Ball-Launch Monitor

10.25am 3rd April 2018 - New Products - This story was updated on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

The leading golf-swing analyzer, practice aid and simulator announces the introduction of ProLaunch, an innovative indoor ball-launch monitor providing industry-leading accuracy. ProLaunch, featuring all new technology, delivers precisely-measured data on ball spin and speed, launch angle, swing path and club face angle – information important to golfers seeking to improve their swings and hone their games. P3ProSwing is a subsidiary of Sports Vision Technologies.

“ProLaunch is distinctive because it measures both ball and swing data with great accuracy,” said Les Otten, founder and president of Sports Vision Technologies. “By capturing more data, ProLaunch gives insight on cause and effect – how the swing affects ball flight and movement – a comprehensive system at an affordable price for golfers.”

For professional and recreational golfers alike, ProLaunch, a highly-effective indoor golf solution and game-improvement system, shows both what the club is doing and how the ball is spinning, the two key elements of swing analysis.

ProLaunch uses patented and patent-pending software, optics and electronics to capture a mix of the ball’s “in-flight” images from just after impact. The swing-sensing unit captures optical measurements of the club head traveling across a special 64-sensor swing pad surface. Data are analyzed by proprietary and copyrighted software, graphically rendering ball flight and specific swing parameters including ball spin, ball speed, launch angle, club speed, face angle, swing path and tempo. Every club in a golfer’s bag, including the putter, can be used.

The $3,599 ProLaunch package includes: the launch monitor, swing sensing system, stance mat and 152 golf courses. Satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30-day trial.

ProLaunch is available for purchase now by consumers all over the world at the P3ProSwing web store. The direct link is

In addition, P3ProSwing ProLaunch is scheduled to be available for purchase in in a few weeks.


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