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Ogio introduces Whites Stripes Collection

1.12am 23rd January 2012 - New Products

OGIO, the company known for introducing fashions that spark adrenaline, has released the new White Stripes Collection of Golf, Travel and Tournament bags featuring face coatings that make the bags non-permeable and easy to clean.

The White Stripes Collection turns the traditional bag inside out and features exclusive White Stripes PVC fabric on the outside, which repels water and allows for the bag to be easily wiped clean of dirt accumulated on the course or in the trunk. An innovation in fashion and materials, the White Stripes fabric boasts an aggressive style that will raise adrenaline levels that also is easy to maintain while featuring the acclaimed quality and durability for which OGIO is known.

“We created the White Stripes Collection so that golfers and travellers can have a stylish white bag that will stay clean while facing the elements.” said Tom Gocke, Global VP of OGIO Golf. “Many people have avoided using white bags on the golf course or while travelling for fear that they’ll quickly look dirty and won’t retain their colour. We believe that White Stripes fabric will put those fears to rest.”

“These golf and travel bags are perfect for the golfer who doesn’t want to sacrifice fashion for functionality,” said Perry Ponti, GM of “OGIO’s one of a kind coating keeps your bag looking like new no matter what conditions the golf or travel bag encounters.”

The White Stripes fabric collection is available in the following models: Syncro II, Duke, Grom XX, Ozone XX, Vapor, Duchess, Featherlite, Straight Jacket, Layover, Terminal, Convoy, Rage and Shoester. Check it out at and premium golf retailers.


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